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Backhoe LW6

LW6 Back Hoe with hydraulic PTO pump, oil tank and fittings also includes 300mm bucket and 3 point Linkage fittings.

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Backhoe LW6

The Backhoe LW6 comes standard with a 300 mm bucket.


  • 3 Point Linkage mounted with two stabilizing legs and operators seat.
  • AgKing’s backhoe LW6 is powered by a hydraulic pump run off the tractors PTO.
  • Fits all tractors – 30 to 40 hp
  • Self contained hydraulic pump as the power source
  • Not a permanent fixture and easy to remove


For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)

30hp tractor AK304 40hp tractor AK404 40hp tractor DQ404  



3 point linkage Cat 1
Maximum Digging Depth 1.85m
Maximum digging radius 2.8m
Maximum digging height 2.5m
Maximum unloading height 1.4m
Stabilizer width 1.8m
Swing angle for boom 140 degrees
Bucket turning angle 160 degrees
Length 3900 mm
Width 1860 mm
Weight 600 Kg


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