Post Hole Borer – Front


The AGKing Front Post Hole Digger which attaches to the standard Euro hitch on the front of the tractor. The unit is fitted with an interchangeable socket to fit all augers from 6 inch to 20 inch. It comes supplied with a 12 inch heavy duty auger fitted with replaceable hard tip blades.

AgKing’s Genuine Warranty covers parts where faulty, other than caused by normal wear and tear to those parts. Items deemed faulty must be returned to AgKing or a suitable contractor designated by AgKing for the purpose. As AgKing supplies to the smaller acrearage and hobby farmer, the warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial or contractor usage of the equipment. Specific details of the warranty are provided with each tractor and implement.


Post Hole Borer Front

An easy to use, efficient method of drilling holes in the ground.


  • Being in the front, easy to position
  • Easy to use
  • Practical for smaller acreages
  • Good value for money


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