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5ft Flail Mower

The Flail Mulcher Mower 1500 is one of a range that can be fitted to most tractors.


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5ft Flail Mower

The 5ft Flail Mower, sometimes called mulching mowers are versatile machines designed to mulch most grasses from lawn to tall grasses. They are also useful on undergrowth like where small branches and sticks lay concealed. Rotating at a high speed the 5ft Flail Mower blades are mounted on a horizontal shaft. The heavy hammer blades can swing in either direction but when hitting hard objects but have enough force to cut and shear sticks and branches into small bits creating mulch that is spread onto the ground.

Because the 5ft flail mower has a rotary shaft and housing design it tends to drive cut material downwards into the ground, meaning less throw out than conventional slashers and no grass wind rows. As a result you get a smooth finish with fine pieces as a layer of mulch.

Safety flaps are designed to prevent debris from being thrown out. The rear roller helps to settle the mulched debris into the ground

Cutting heights are adjustable with adjustable skids from 20mm – 80mm.

There are a range of sizes suiting tractors from 15hp right through to 100hp with cutting widths from 1200mm to 3m. Some models are fitted with hydraulic offset and lift rams  as this is useful for under trees, like in orchids or along dam walls.

We can assist with advice as to which Flail Mower would suit your circumstances, so give us a call today!


For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)

30hp tractor AK304 40hp tractor AK404 40hp tractor DQ404
55hp tractor DQ554 70hp tractor AK704 80hp tractor DQ804


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